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Amalgam – Part 5
tyzonn mercury ranger
Title: Amalgam – Part 5
Author: not_a_reptile
Pairings: gen.
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I do not own Power Rangers RPM or Power Rangers Operation Overdrive.
Summary: Tyzonn, seeking old friends and a new life and returns to an Earth he barely recognizes.
A/N: Unbeta'd and in progress.

“You know Tyzonn, Dr. Ortiz?” Dr. K asked.

“For the thousandth time, it's Rose!” she said.

Tyzonn looked into the old woman's eyes and finally recognized her.

“Rose!” he said astonished.

“Give me a hug, Tyzonn!” she said.

He leaned over and put her arms gently around her as she put her arms around his waist.

“Rose, what happened to you?” Tyzonn asked.

“I got old,” she said. “I'm ninety-nine years old now. You sure haven't changed, though. You were the only one I didn't keep in touch with.”

“How do you know each other,” Dr. K asked.

“We were power rangers,” she said. “That was long before your time.”

“You've been here in Corinth City all this time?” Tyzonn asked.

“After Operation Overdrive I lived all other the world,” Rose explained. “I've lived in Paris, Tokyo, New York. I came to Corinth three years ago as a consultant on this domed city project. There were going to be cities like this on every continent except Antarctica. Then Venjix came and that was the end of that.”

“What became of the others?” Tyzonn asked.

“They all lived wonderful happy lives,” Rose said. “So did I.”

“They're all gone now?”

“We're the only ones left. And my time is almost up.”

Rose coughed as a female caregiver entered the room.

“Visiting time is up,” the lady said.

“I haven't asked my question yet,” Dr. K protested. “Dr. Ortiz, how to we connect the power source from Tyzonn's ship to the dome shield systems?”

“Everything is compatible,” Rose said. “Just hook it up.”


The rangers gathered in Dr. K's lab. Tyzonn now wore a black leather jacket like the others except that his was emblazoned with the compass logo of Operation Overdrive on the back and silver trim on the pockets and seams.

“What's up, Doc?” Scott asked.

Dr. K glared at him and Ziggy cracked a wry smile.

“Rangers, I have some bad news,” she said. “Corporal Hicks is missing.”

“This is bad,” Scott replied.

“There's more,” Dr. K added. “This message was discovered near where he disappeared.”

Dr. K inserted a thumb drive into her terminal. The face of Maximus appeared on the main screen.

Tyzonn recognized the face immediately but he could not believe what he was seeing.

“Greetings Dr. K,” he began. “I am Maximus. If you want to see Corporal Hicks again you have twenty-four hours to bring the Mercurian to me. The coordinates are on this data drive. Do not attempt a rescue or he will be destroyed.”

“Rangers, I need to speak with Tyzonn alone,” said Dr. K.

Scott and Gem excused themselves but Ziggy lingered.

“Ziggy, please!” she said. “This will only take a moment.”

Ziggy glared suspiciously at Tyzonn as he reluctantly exited the lab. The door closed behind him.

“Tyzonn,” she began, “I need you to tell me everything you know about Hartford Industries.”


A long slender spacecraft landed in the wastelands near Tyzonn's abandoned ship. The clear bubble canopy lifted back. The man in the cockpit removed his helmet to reveal a young and handsome face with silver eyes and short spiky blond hair. He jumped out of the cockpit of the ship and the top closed.

The tall and slender young man dressed in silver and white coveralls reached for a device on his wrist which activated a control that made his ship vanish. He walked over to Tyzonn's ship to examine it. He went over the the front of the ship and looked at it closely. He discovered that the power supply had been removed.

“Damn it, dad!” he remarked.

A laser blast to the bow of the ship alerted him to a group of approaching grinders.

“These Earthlings aren't anything like dad described,” he remarked.

He removed his silver glove and his hand turned to liquid metal. With a slashing movement of his arm he pelted the front row of grinders with liquid metal, causing them to explode. The remaining grinders began to retreat.

“Oh no you don't!” he shouted as he reached for the laser blaster in his holster. He fired and took out a grinder with each blast until there were none left.

“He shoots! He scores!” the young man cheered. He looked at the domed looming on the horizon. “I'll bet my blaster he's there,” he said and started walking in the direction of Corinth.


Megawatt entered as Maximus was downloading data.

“The prisoner is secure,” he said to the head of his master whose eyes changed from glowing red to blue.

“Excellent,” he replied. “You are certain that this will draw out Dr. K?”

“I'm counting on it.”

“Another Mercurian has arrived,” Maximus said.

“Another one?” Megawatt said surprised. “Perhaps this is the beginning of an invasion!”

“He's come for the other Mercurian. He must not be allowed to interfere.”

“You have my word. Dr. K will soon be under your control.”


“What I'm about to tell you does not leave this room,” Dr. K warned Tyzonn.

“I promise I will tell no one,” he told her earnestly.

“I've searched the Alphabet Soup archives for information about Maximus,” she began. “Project Maximus was an early attempt to create artificial intelligence using files that were stolen from the Hartford Industries archives. Some of the stolen program files had been corrupted, possibly deliberately to prevent them from ever being used.”

“Andrew Hartford only wanted to help mankind,” Tyzonn explained.

“Alphabet Soup spent decades trying to patch the holes in the program,” Dr. K continued. “Ultimately the effort was abandoned, and then relaunched once they found a person who was intelligent enough and could spend months in isolation writing code.”

“You?” Tyzonn asked cautiously.

“Yes, me. The fruit of my labor, known as Project Venjix, was leaked from Alphabet Soup and nearly destroyed humanity.”

“I will not allow humanity to be destroyed,” he said.

“There's one other thing I discovered,” Dr. K interjected. “A prototype of Maximus exists.”


The young Mercurian encountered another group of grinders who fled over a dune when he fired at them.

“Hey! I'm not through with you yet!” he yelled as he chased after them.

Suddenly he found himself trapped by a glass tube that shot out of the sand around him. Poisonous gas filled the tube and the Mercurian coughed and then collapsed. The glass tube descended back into the ground. The grinders took his weapon and bound his hands and feet with lead cuffs. They hoisted him onto a stretcher and carried him away.


Colonel Truman stood in middle of the control room with his arms folded and his eyes fixed on the main screen. “Let's hope this thing works,” he said.

“Colonel,” said Vasquez, who was at the controls, “should we be raising the dome with Hicks still out there?”

“We have no choice,” he said ruefully. “Until that shield is raised more kidnappings will happen. Scott and his team are out searching for Hicks. I just hope he is okay. Power up the shield, Vasquez.”

“Powering up now,” she replied.

The bar graph on the screen indicated that all the dome shields were at full power.

“Shields at one hundred percent. It worked, sir!”

Colonel Truman smiled. “Good work, Dr. K,” he said.


“Maximus! A grinder patrol reports that the second alien has been immobilized and captured,” announced Megawatt. “He is being brought here.”

“Excellent!” Maximus said. “Prepare a cell for him. He will be studied and then terminated.”

“Sir, have you considered that a hybrid Mercurian might make an excellent soldier for your army?”

“I think that is unlikely. Venjix's hybrids were all failures. Human flesh is too delicate to be a component of an invincible soldier. These Mercurians may have stronger bodies but like the humans they have flawed organic brains. There is only one intelligent mind among the human race and it will soon be mine!”

“As you wish, Maximus.”


A military truck that had been salvaged by the grinders moved across the wastelands. The young Mercurian lay bound in the back of the truck surrounded by grinders who kept watch on his seemingly unconscious body. Unnoticed to them the Mercurian opened one eye briefly.

He suddenly transformed into liquid and flooded the floor of the truck, trapping the grinders by their feet which caused sparks to fly. The back of the truck exploded and grinders flew out in all directions. The Mercurian's fist punched through the metal into the cab of the truck and the grinder at the wheel was strangled by his arm. The Mercurian jumped out of the truck opened the driver side door and tossed out the grinder.

“See ya! Wouldn't want to be ya!” he quipped as he turned the truck around and headed for Corinth.

End Part 5

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Thanks for the link fix, chapter six makes so much more sense now! Can't wait for chapter seven.

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