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Recap: "Teen Beach Movie"
Teen Beach Movie

Having sucked all the juice out of the “High School Musical” franchise Disney! is now spoofing the teen musical genre it once profited from while introducing the world to it's hottest new teen sensation since the Jonas Brothers. And as a bonus we revisit the long-abandoned beach movie genre. But at least it's the kind of movie that the house of mouse knows how to market.

Hey come on come along take a ride / there's a party over there that ain't no jive / it's live live all the way live / Don't even have to walk don't even have to drive / just slide glide slippity-slide / just forget about your troubles and your 9 to 5 / Come along and ride on a fantastic voyageCollapse )

Review: "Teen Beach Movie"
Summary: Two teens are magically transported to a sixties-era beach party movie and find themselves unable to return home. Stars Ross Lynch "Austin and Ally" and Maia Mitchel.

The Good:
All the things that Disney usually does well: talented cast, excellent choreography, costumes, etc.

The Questionable:
The writing is chaotic but since this is presented as light-hearted humor not much is expected. There are a few dull spots and the movie tries too hard to be clever in a couple places.

I don't have anything really bad to say about this movie. The cast put forth a great effort and Disney really spared no expense to make a wonderful visual experience. A sequel seems inevitable but Disney has not said yet if there will be one so stay tuned.

Also, I am going to post a recap in a few weeks here. I plan for it to be half as long as past recaps.

Till then, peace!

My top three list of Halloween-themed comedies
Three, because why make a long list.

Hocus Pocus

A classic staring Sarah Jessica Parker and Bette Midler. Three witches return to Salem three hundred years later to take their revenge and it's up to two kids and a talking cat to stop them.

Young Frankenstein

The grandson of Dr. Frankenstein (Gene Wilder) goes to Transylvania and creates his own monster (Peter Boyle) with the help of Igor (Marty Feldman) and Inga (Teri Garr). Directed by Mel Brooks.

Ernest Scarred Stupid

The Ernest movies are pretty bad but I do recommend this one. When Ernest (Jim Varney) releases a troll it's up to him and “old lady” Hackmore (Eartha Kitt) to stop him before the town is taken over by trolls.
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Room 13
mike mighty morph
Title: Room 13
Author: not_a_reptile
Rating: PG
Genre: Scif-Fi
Authors Note: Not a Doctor Who story but similar to Doctor Who. One shot.

It was a bright and sunny Sunday afternoon when her parents and little brother Jack took Patricia to what was supposed to be her new home for the next four years, The Norton Preparatory Academy for Girls.

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Dog With a Blog Premiere Mini-recap
Casey Evil
I decided rather than do a review of Dog With a Blog I would instead do a mini-recap. I promise it won't be seven pages long.

SPOILERS, obviously.

The Shaggy Dog meets Growing Pains meets meets the year 2012Collapse )

Changes in the works
mike mighty morph
Due to low interest in this journal, including my own, I am considering making major changes.

I would like input from my lj friends as well as anyone else who lurks here. Reply to this post and tell me what you would like to see. I don't expect to do anything for the next three months so there is plenty of time to respond.

Thanks everyone

Secret but not fun
mike mighty morph
I watched "The Secret Billionaires Club" today for the first time today. Not very interesting and mostly very predictable but I did learn a few life lessons:

1) Don't loan money to skaters

2) Girls are the best skateboarders

3) Billionaires should not make cartoons
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New RJ Macro
Something funny I made. Feel free to use.

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chibi vent

Image from http://ask-rainbow-scoots.tumblr.com

Power Rangers Samurai Valentines
It's that time of year again and we now have Samurai themed Valentine's Day cards for the kids.
I don't know what happened with Mighty Morphin 2010 but I never saw any cards.

Print one out for yourself from me =)

mike mighty morph
So, I finally went and got a twitter (account).

Follow me (lj friends) and I will follow you back.



Power Rangers Dino Thunder coming to NickToons
mack squee
There will be a 48 hour marathon of Power Rangers Dino Thunder beginning on January 6 at 7pm to launch the second Power Rangers season to run as part of NickToons' "Morphenomenon".

Dino Thunder will replace Jungle Fury's time slots on NickToons, but Jungle Fury will go out with another marathon over New Year's Eve.